A Bahama Family Vacation

The final letter from Angelika Albright submitted to 'Letters to Sarah' via ohtheplacesicouldgo.wordpress.com. See how this family chose to spend their last remaining day at The Island Seas Resort in the Bahamas.

Dear Sarah,

It’s late. We just finished getting the boys showered and down for the night after a very lively day, indeed. The Island Seas Resort provided us with the information to charter a boat for a morning out on the water with the boys. The day started very early since fishing was on the agenda.

Dave helped Jason reel-in a couple of hum-dingers and the Captain even gave us a tutorial in net-fishing and scuba-diving! We never could have imagined the beauty that was beneath the surface of the water had we not opted for the scuba-diving package! The gorgeous coral structures, underwater foliage and the colors of the fish are so beautiful that it seems as if paradise must be down there, somewhere!

Billy (our youngest boy) was the official underwater photographer of the day since Dave bought him one of those nifty underwater cameras while we were shopping yesterday at the local shops and markets (boy, are those nice, too!). He was smiling so much (while underwater) that we kept on having to remind him to keep his mouth closed around the mouthpiece!

All of us had a great day out on the chartered boat but, Jason hit the deck running when we docked. We had just enough time to get back, shower, change clothes and make it down the road in time for Jason to have his dream come true of swimming with dolphins. They called them Bottlenose Dolphins and they were magnificent! Trainers were feeding them and the dolphins were swimming around doing fantastic tricks for their trainers when we arrived. Jason was second in line to get into the water with them and Billy was snapping pictures so fast I think he must have just kept his finger on the button the entire time while yelling out, “ Mom, Dad…did you see THAT!”

We ended the day with some more swimming on the Resorts private beach and luxury pool and both Dave and I appreciated the martinis that we received pool-side as we slid our way over to the hot-tub. With a couple of nice drinks to help get things relaxed, we sat next to one another and just held hands under the water watching the waterfall spill onto the rocks that formed around us. Of course, we had the occasional, “Mom, Dad – Watch THIS” to respond to but, I guess that’s, actually, one of the things that made it that much more special. Dave and I were able to spend some real quality time together at the same time that we were enjoying watching our two young men splash around and have a great time…without a computer or any other sort of gaming device or earplug-devices that the kids are normally attached to on a regular basis!

I am thinking of giving this same vacation package to my sister and brother-in-law for their upcoming anniversary. Their only daughter just went off to college and I think that they would, absolutely, love to spend a few days vacationing at the Island Seas Resort in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island together, this year. Dave and I have been discussing it and we figure that at the same $495 rate that we paid for our trip, it’s too valuable of a deal to pass up! Speaking of discounted travel packages…

We are, already, having family discussions about which resort we want to travel to next! At these rates, we just may never go home!!! Resorts360 is the best thing to happen to my family in a very long time. I cannot tell you just how much this has meant to me and my family. Thank you, Sarah. This could have never have been possible if it weren’t for you and the unbelievable discounts that Resorts360 has to offer.

Your Friend,

Angelika Albright

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Island Seas Resort : Agelikas Story Part II

Part II of Angelika Albight’s Vacation Story in the Bahamas submitted to ‘Letters to Sarah’ (Resorts360 Newsletter, ‘In the Loop; Silver Edition’) editor, LadyE.

Visit: www.OhThePlacesICouldGo.wordpress.com too read Part I and the soon to come final letter from Angelika Albright in this three part story of an average everyday family enjoying their (highly) discounted vacation at the Island Seas Resort in the Bahamas.



I am in love with Freeport, Grand Bahama Island and this fabulous resort! After we arrived, yesterday, we all headed straight for the private beach and had a great time together. This was such a good choice for our family vacation. The four of us have been spending some good, quality time together and everyone is having a blast! Every member of the Island Seas Resort is extremely courteous, helpful and are always in a great mood and there to make our vacation one that we will never forget! We have already used up two rolls of film for our Memory Books when we get back home.

We all went swimming down at the (get this) 150 foot Freeform Pool with a built-in ‘pool bar’ that we can swim over to that includes the most beautiful waterfall. Rock-setting walls decorated with the most exquisite layers of greenery lay right next to this cloverleaf designed seven-person (easily) spa tub that has a spectacular view of the marina across the street from the beach! Needless to say, Dave and I had some fun of our own while watching the kids do cannonball dives and ‘work their moves’ on a couple of unsuspecting sisters that were right around their ages! It’s fun to watch how ’mature’ the boys get when a pretty girl walks into the room. I’m just glad that we have the opportunity to spend a few more years vacationing like this together before they grow up and start a family of their own.

Last night, after we all had dinner at a local restaurant with a real exotic and tropical theme (Tiki torches and everything!), Dave and I headed to a couple of the casinos that are here and had a blast! We didn’t stay too long though because we had a date with a couple of horses to ride across the beach together! I’m telling you, Sarah – I don’t think there is a more romantic evening that Dave and I could ever have like the one we shared together last night! The horses were beautiful and there were instructors available to make sure that we had a great experience (safe one, too). Riding across a white sandy beach with the sun setting on such a magnificent body of water with the one you love is reason enough to make this trip worthwhile.

Your Friend,

Angelika Albright

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